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Velvet Spectrum is Australian Digital Artist Luke Choice

Luke Choice is an accomplished Australian digital artist, boasting over two decades of experience collaborating with global brands, startups, and leading creative agencies.

His diverse career encompasses 2D/3D design and animation, branding, illustration, logo design, typography, video editing, and more.

Having laid the foundations of his career in the Australian music industry, Luke's creative journey has taken him to work at top studios in Sydney, London, and New York. Currently, he finds inspiration in the charming beauty of his home on the Oregon coast in the Pacific Northwest.

With a profound understanding of the necessity to adapt in the rapidly changing creative industry and the various markets it supports, Luke has crafted an expansive and ever-evolving portfolio aimed at answering each project thoughtfully and tailoring his artistic approach to meet the unique demands of every creative endeavor.

He artfully intertwines color and movement to weave captivating visual narratives within the dynamic canvas of the digital realm.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Luke has taken the stage as a keynote speaker, sharing insights into his process and lessons learned at various design festivals worldwide, including OFFFest Barcelona and Graphika Manila.

Always thrilled to collaborate with passionate partners eager to elevate their visual language and push the boundaries of modern creativity.

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